It’s DC Will Fletcher’s last shift as the Sun Hill officers race to save the life of a baby who has been snatched by a desperate father pushed over the edge by Sgt Callum Stone…

Callum is called to a hospital where Trevor Berwick has accused Dr Josh Thomas of having an affair with his wife, Penny. Josh told Trevor he was crazy and thumped him, now Trevor wants Josh charged with assault. At the station, DC Mickey Webb is worried about Trevor’s state of mind, but the man insists his only problem is Josh. Callum is less sympathetic and tells Trevor to deal with his marriage problems without wasting police time.

Then Sun Hill gets a call from a terrified Penny, who tells Mickey that Trevor’s disappeared and he’s got their baby son with him. Callum insists Trevor will have just gone for a drive to sort out his thoughts but it becomes clear there’s a real danger that Trevor could hurt himself and his son… He was made redundant months ago but has pretended to Penny that he still has a job. Callum starts to worry and goes looking for Trevor. But when he finds him, Trevor crashes his car. Callum pulls him out then remembers the baby just as the car explodes. Worried about Callum, Mickey questions Will about his work as a police officer.

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