Would I Lie to You? – BBC1

Rylan Clark-Neal, Sara Pascoe, Mary Portas and Paul Sinha bolster the efforts of regular team captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell on this week's Would I Lie to You?

You’ll know Paul Sinha (pictured above, far right) from The Chase, but when he’s not outsmarting contestants at tea time he’s making people laugh in 
the evenings as a comedian.

Tonight Paul is trying to use his brainpower to outwit David Mitchell and co, alongside fellow guests Sara Pascoe, Mary Portas and Rylan Clark-Neal, but will he be as successful 
at deception as he is at quizzing?

Our favourite of this evening’s anecdotes, however, has to be poor Rylan suggesting that he got mugged by a fox, who stared him out and then ran away with his wallet, leaving him to explain to his insurers that he was held to ransom by a passing four-legged criminal!

It’s a hilarious anecdote, but could this outlandish tale possibly 
be a true story?

TV Times rating: ****