Reeling from Malick’s punch, Dan flees the toilet and loiters, bleeding, on the stairwell. Malick finds him and is concerned – mostly over what this might mean for his career. Dan threatens to ruin Malick by going to Hanssen and telling him he’s punched a consultant – again! But Malick warns Dan that if he goes to Hanssen then he might have to tell his girlfriend Chrissie about their kiss.

Dan spends the next day trying to avoid being seen by Chrissie. But when she eventually spots him – and the cut on his face – she probes him about who did it. Unconvinced by Dan’s attempts to fob her off, Chrissie confronts him; was it Malick?

When his silence confirms her suspicions, Chrissie pushes Malick for answers and he tells her that he hit Dan in self-defence. Chrissie doesn’t believe him and goes to see Hanssen. But when Dan and Malick see Hanssen later, Dan lies, saying he tripped. But how long will it be before Dan really trips up?

Meanwhile, Michael’s ego is severely bruised by Sunil’s dominance in their partnership, so he sets out to prove his worth.

And, resolving to overcome his unrequited feelings for Chrissie, Sacha is charmed by the attractive daughter of a patient.