Slowly but surely, Natasha and Nathan are picking over the bones of all those skeletons that fell out of Mark’s closet. But Maisie is still hung up on Ryan, who tells her to leave him alone. Desperate, she goes to Faye, who tries to comfort her but won’t let Maisie pretend the truth is a lie: she has to accept that Ryan is her brother. Not wanting to hear that, Maisie runs off. Back at home, Natasha listens as Maisie explains she thought Ryan was ‘the one’. Can she ever accept him as her brother?

And will Victoria find the strength to stand up for Hannah against the school bullies? The two girls are on the school bus when Hannah gets another nasty text. The poor girl starts crying and, pretending she had no idea what was going on, Victoria reads the texts on Hannah’s phone. She sickened by what she reads and ashamed of her part in it. Is it too late to help Hannah?

With all this going on, not everyone has noticed romantic attractions flickering to life in the village. Yes, Sam wants Olena. And she likes his friendship, but she wants Eli (yes, a woman wants Eli!). Meanwhile, in The Woolpack, Doug wants Diane – and not just for a pint and a packet of pork scratchings.