Xanthe and Angus are in trouble

Xanthe tries to stop Angus from running away, following him into a car when he starts hitchhiking. But the pair are freaked out by the driver and soon run away. But when the sleazy driver comes looking for them, Gary and Ben come to their rescue. Back home, Angus and Susan have a heart to heart, and Xanthe confesses to Gary about stealing Tom Quill’s money.

John hands himself into the police, confessing to the flashbacks he’s had of himself in the boiler room at Lassiters. Mark calls in Detective Crabb but he soon learns Crabb considers the case closed. Mark weighs up his options, but decides he owes it to Josh to pursue the truth, and he calls Wendy back for a more thorough interview. When she discovers this, Crabb is incensed, but all bets are off when Wendy reveals she was paid to lie.

John is delighted after Crabb’s assurance that he’s not guilty and suggests he and Paige go out to celebrate. Paige declines, admitting she’s finding it hard to just be his friend. But believing he’s an innocent man, John finally gives in to his impulse and kisses her.