Xanthe choose Angus over Ben

Piper challenges Ben to ask Xanthe out but as he’s about to present her with tickets to see a girlband, Angus rocks up with tickets for the same gig. Post-gig, Angus lays on the charm and Xanthe melts into his kiss. Meanwhile, a suspicious Susan checks with Angus’s previous schools and finds a pattern of disruptive behaviour. While she can’t prove he set off the fire alarm, she tells him she’s onto him.

On learning that Paul wants Aaron to help clear his name, Aaron talks to Sheila, who counsels him to think carefully about linking his business to the likes of Paul. But Aaron decides to accept Paul’s challenge and resolves to take his story online. And what better blogger to help than the very person whose brother and grandfather Paul is alleged to have killed – Piper!

Toadie and Sonya get ready for Sonya’s inter-council conference in Brisbane when Toadie gets a text message. Steph notices and he reveals that a person he’s trying to protect Sonya from wants to meet up. Toadie apologises to Sonya – an old case has re-emerged and he has to bail out of the conference. Later, Toadie opens the door to a disheveled Walter.