Xanthe meets her idol

Xanthe’s thrilled when she sees one of her idols – Katherine Kelly Lang – checking into Lassiters. She bunks off school to get an autograph and Sheila angry when she catches her in the act. That is until KKL explains Xanthe was telling her that she and her mum used to watch The Bold and the Beautiful together. Sheila softens, and KKL gives them a kaftan from her collection.

Doug gives Paige a new perspective on love when he reveals the tragedy of the baby he and Pam lost to SIDS. Moved by his strength, Paige apologises to Imogen and the sisters promise to support each other.

Sheila encourages Susan to ask the council for funding for a tutor. She’s pleasantly surprised when Sonya agrees to help but it seems Hilary Robinson has got wind of it.

Aaron realises Tom doctored the environmental report but when he confronts him it’s too late – the development has been approved by council. Faced with a dilemma, Aaron decides to do the right thing and tell Sonya, who sacks him as her assistant.