Xanthe plans to sleep with Angus

Amy finds condoms in Xanthe’s bag and offers to teach her how to use protection… but it backfires when Sheila finds a discarded condom in Xanthe’s bedroom. Having reassured Sheila that Angus is a good kid, no one is more surprised than Susan when Sheila comes barging in to surprise the teenagers in Angus’s room and drags Xanthe out the door.

Paige sees John freaking out in a hypnotherapy session and realises he believes she is the “brown-haired girl” in his terrifying flashbacks. After Karl refers him onto a psychiatrist, John admits to Paige he has a strong feeling stopping him from acting on his attraction to her. Disappointed, Paige is oblivious to the fact that a stranger is photographing John as they speak.

Aaron arranges for Paul to work with the SES clean-up so he can photograph him doing “community work” – but Nate accuses Aaron of exploiting the SES. Aaron is furious but Paul fires him, explaining he is a lost cause. Later, Nate accidently reverses into Paul but wonders if people think a dejected Paul has done it on purpose.