Xavier and April are in danger!

Xavier is shocked by April’s revelation that she stole the chemicals. April panics, fearing that Xavier will tell Gina and she asks him not to break his word. Though Xavier agrees, he starts doing some internet research into the chemicals that she has stolen, to gauge how dangerous they are.

Gina continues her search for the school’s missing chemicals. She finds out that only one student did an internet search on the chemicals in question and it was Xavier. Gina confronts Xavier with this information and though Xavier denies it, Gina is not convinced. Finally, Xavier persuades April to get rid of the chemicals and they pour them down the sink. However, it causes a dangerous reaction, leaving April and Xavier unconscious on the floor.

Earlier, Ruby begins plotting. She starts asking around to find out how badly the disastrous date between Indi and Romeo has impacted on their relationship. Trying to be subtle, Ruby questions Dex and Xavier. Xavier soon clicks that Ruby has a crush on Romeo and though Ruby denies it, Xavier knows the truth. Finally, Ruby decides to do the right thing. She goes to talk to Indi to try and help the couple get through their rough patch.

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