Xavier is suspicious that Hugo’s still alive, after finding the photo. He stakes out the Battery overnight, but nobody shows. Ruby tells him about Vinnie, a police informant whose death was faked. Xavier speaks to Angelo, who confirms he saw Hugo die. Xavier seems convinced, but Angelo is rattled. Alf reassures Angelo he hasn’t said anything – it would only cause Martha pain.

Gina and John want to continue a physical relationship, but Gina is constrained by her agreement with Xavier. John cheekily suggests she ‘spend some time’ with him at his house. It’s not until the next morning that she realises Xavier didn’t come home at all. Beside herself, she eventually tracks him down and is very suspicious when he says he fell asleep at Ruby’s. Gina tries to catch Ruby out, but she confirms Xavier stayed.

Miles can’t avoid the issue of seeking help now that his Rabbit secret is out. Rachel makes him an appointment to see psychiatrist Michael. Miles feels that either way he loses – if he takes medication he’ll lose Rabbit and if he doesn’t go on meds he risks losing control of his life. Rabbit is equally apprehensive knowing that treatment may take Miles away from her. It’s decision time for Miles…

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