Xavier, having found April and Dex together, is in a foul mood. As problems with work continue to pile up on him, Xavier is surprised when he runs into Summer, an attractive girl from school, who convinces him to ditch work for a party. Xavier takes the opportunity to forget about work, sneak off, borrow the work scooter and drive Summer to the party… until disaster strikes.

Marilyn is pretty down in the dumps in the aftermath of her break-up with Sid. Indi comes round to console Marilyn, but lets slip that Sid hasn’t told her the truth about Roo. Marilyn is shocked. Indi urges Sid to give Marilyn the full story and to get his daughter off his back, Sid agrees. He visits Marilyn to confess. The truth hurts.

Indi is still angry with Roo and Roo is starting to feel the pressure of living under the same roof as Sid’s daughter. Sid and Roo tell Indi it’s none of her business, but Indi still feels their relationship and what they’ve done to Marilyn is wrong. Roo is at a loss so Sid suggests she move in with him for a while until the dust settles. After some trepidation, Roo decides they should go for it.