Xavier discovers a clue to Jett’s background

Xavier is back in Summer Bay for work experience at the police station and is partnered up with Emerson, though he’s more concerned about Jett and his tendency towards violence. Gina believes that Jett’s behaviour has improved, but Emerson tells Xavier to go with his gut feelings and they tell him Jett is trouble.

Xavier seems to be proved right when he’s called to an incident at the surf club where Jett is involved in a fight with a group of boys. Jett loses a photo in the process and Xavier picks it up, later checking it out on the police computer. The man in the photo is a Richard Bozic, who has a record of drug possession, and when Xavier asks Jett about him, the young lad pretends to know nothing about him and later becomes angry at Xavier’s persistence.

Bianca’s medication is kicking in and she cannot remember the events of the past few days. She seems to have come back to normality, however, acknowledging her relationship with Heath and the existence of her baby, and her eventual meeting with her son is an emotional experience for friends and family.