Xavier ends up in hospital

Hugo feels sure that it was one of John’s greenies who left him the death threat. When he comes across John in the surf club he accuses him of dirty, underhand tactics. When he returns to the boathouse, he disturbs an intruder and the two men fight. The conflict spills outside, and Xavier sees the conflict and races over to help Hugo.

The intruder knocks Xavier over and he bangs his head before rolling into the water unconscious. The attacker escapes as Brendan helps rescue Xavier. Xavier ends up in hospital with a nasty wound and some memory loss. He doesn’t remember Ruby breaking up with him. Hugo’s now left in little doubt that his life is under threat.

Gina is adamant that Brendan is not going to live in the community house with Ruby Leeds. She knows what’s best for her son and that’s living with her. It’s only when it’s Brendan who fearlessly rescues the injured and unconscious Xavier from the sea, that Gina is forced to reconsider her position.

Ruby is in emotional turmoil. She confides in Nicole, who thinks Ruby should break up with her boyfriend. Dreading having the chat, she finally gets up the courage to talk to Xavier and end it.

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