Xavier fancies Sasha!

Xavier confides in Gina about his growing feelings for Sasha. Gina advises him to keep his distance and let Sasha deal with her family dramas without the added pressure. But Xavier caves in and admits to Sasha that he fancies her. She rebuffs him, saying she’s ‘toxic’. He’s left wondering what she means, and where it might lead.

Alf and Harvey’s council election campaign is heating up, with Harvey threatening to close down the Resort development if he’s elected. And, judging by the mood at a local debate, the feelings of the community may be with him.

Romeo is given a second chance to make a sale for Dennis but again feels like a failure. Nobody is more surprised than him, therefore, when he goes on to seal the deal on a string of sales and wins praise from his boss. But while his career seems to be on the up, his enthusiasm about it certainly isn’t.

Sid is frustrated with Dex’s lack of direction, now that he’s admitted he doesn’t want to do medicine. Dex finally decides to bite the bullet – again – and tells Sid he has decided he wants to become a nurse.