Xavier frets about Kelly

Bianca tries to get her life back to normal by returning to work, but it’s clear she is still struggling to move on since the attack. Liam confronts her about how she’s pushing him away and suggests that she sees a counsellor, but Bianca isn’t keen on the idea. However, when Kelly tries to apologise and Bianca can’t even look at her, she finally realises she needs professional help.

Xavier is worried about Kelly, who’s barely left the house since Dean’s arrest. He persuades April to come over and reassure Kelly that no one blames her for Dean’s actions. However, when Kelly tries to apologise to Bianca and Bianca panics, Kelly is devastated and packs her bags. She wants to leave Summer Bay. Xavier is appalled at the idea of her going and tells her she’s the best thing that’s happened to him in ages.

Brax tells his mum that he’s Darcy’s father, so Cheryl organises a family gathering. Brax tries to play dad with Darcy and starts to enjoy the idea of fatherhood. He tells Tegan there’s no need for the DNA test. So Casey is horrified when he overhears Cheryl berating Tegan for lying to Brax about being Darcy’s father.