Xavier gets busted for the accident

Bartlett and Kirsty are unhurt in the accident but their cars are. Kirsty says a wheelie bin caused it but there’s no sign of one. Xavier tells Ruby, Jai and Annie to keep quiet or he’ll get in trouble. Alf discovers the caravan park wheelie bin at the beach with its wheels off. Kirsty recognises it and accuses Miles of sabotaging her chances of getting a job. Miles admits he doesn’t want her around school any more.

Xavier denies all knowledge of the incident. Miles figures out Jai and Annie know something. He and Alf try to trick them into revealing what they know, but it’s Jai who confesses. Ruby tells Xavier that Jai has taken the rap, and Xavier confesses. Bartlett punishes them both. Alf is unimpressed by Xavier, as is Hugo. Hugo tells Xavier if he stuffs up again then they’re leaving.

Leah suggests to Roman they cook dinner for Miles and Kirsty, to get them back together. But Bartlett assigns Kirsty and Miles a project to work on together, with the same aim. Roman and Leah prepare the dinner, enjoying each other’s company. Miles and Kirsty squabble and end up stuck in a cupboard together. There’s a moment when things soften between them… but then Bartlett arrives.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday March 25*

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