Xavier goes missing

Martha can’t bear the thought of Hugo leaving. He won’t sentence her to a life on the run. Meanwhile, Gina can’t find Xavier. She calls the police. Killer overhears. Hugo’s convinced Xavier’s in danger and expects a ransom request. He considers turning himself in.

Rachel and Tony join Hugo and, when it dawns on them that Hugo’s arrest may do more harm than good to Xavier, they back off. Gina gives way to her grief and cries for her missing son. Killer is there to offer ‘comfort’ and, alluding to the fact that he has Xavier, offers her a ride. Gina has no choice but to comply.

Leah’s mother is very excited about her engagement. She’s delighted when Elijah reveals his parents are coming to visit, but Elijah is anxious. Leah wonders if Elijah is worried his parents won’t approve of her. She puts this theory to Elijah, who tries to convince Leah that she is more than good enough for him, and his problems with his parents visiting is about his full-on mother, not Leah’s adequacy. In order to prove himself, Elijah rings his mum and invites her to stay earlier than expected. There’s a sense they should batten down the hatches…

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