Penn visits John in hospital and tells him he saved his life. John laughs it off, but then worries Penn is serious. When John is discharged, Xavier tells him he’s pleased he’s back, for Gina’s sake. John says he’s glad, because he intends to marry Gina as soon as possible. Xavier is stunned.

Mitzy is distant and withdrawn. Marilyn begs her to open up and Mitzy reluctantly tells Marilyn of Sid’s ‘end date’ accusation, as well as the fact he’s stood down as her doctor. Marilyn is furious. She tells Sid she can’t be with anyone so unkind and close-minded.

Leah tells Charlie that Penn threatened Miles. Charlie investigates, but Alf refuses to make a statement. Miles makes the statement instead. Charlie hauls Penn into the station, but he denies any wrongdoing and without any hard evidence, she’s forced to let him go. Alf is furious when he finds out Miles went behind his back, but Miles explains he’s got the kids’ safety to think about.

Nicole tries to buoy Ruby’s spirits – she’s been glum since Liam left. Why doesn’t she focus on learning to drive? Nicole thinks Charlie should teach Ruby, but when Ruby asks her, Charlie thinks it will only end in tears.

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