Xavier brings the last of his belongings to the farm. Liam helps, but Xavier gets agitated and takes a shoebox from him. When Liam later sees the box in Xavier’s backpack, he’s suspicious. Martha teases Xavier and he tells her it contains stuff from Ruby. Martha thinks that’s cute, but Liam isn’t convinced.

Later, when Xavier is counting the money in the box, Liam nearly catches him. Seeing Xavier looking guilty, Liam is convinced Xavier’s up to mischief. He tells Martha that Xavier has drugs in the box. Xavier overhears.

Miles is burdened by all the secrets and gets annoyed with Marilyn when he can’t find his cereal. He then snaps at her when she pushes him to do Pilates. Rabbit makes Miles apologise, but when Marilyn comments on Miles’ moods, he loses it. He wants her out. Alf berates Miles, but quickly discerns it’s not really Marilyn who’s the problem. Miles won’t elaborate, but concedes Marilyn should stay.

Leah still thinks Vinnie’s alive. Elijah doesn’t know if he should confess to Leah – it might hamper her recovery. Leah is keen to step things up with Elijah. She asks him out. He’s tongue-tied and Leah backs away, but Elijah recovers and says he’d love to go out with her.

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