Xavier plots against Angelo

Angelo fines Xavier. This fuels Xavier’s hatred and he plans, with Jai’s help, to spray paint Angelo’s car. He tells Jai it’ll make a change from slashing his tyres. Jai’s shocked to learn that was Xavier.

Xavier ends up slashing another of Angelo’s tyres, but is caught by Hugo. He tells Xavier off and sends him home. Angelo then catches Hugo with the slashed tyre, knife in hand.

Jai is miserable over Annie, plus Miles has grounded him for assembly prank. Jackson, a friend, gives him a soft porn magazine. The magazine falls out of his bag. Alf finds it and assumes it’s Miles’s. Miles finds it and thinks it’s Alf’s. The charade continues until they realise it’s Jai’s.

Miles talks to Jai about sex, leaving Jai mortified. At least Annie has agreed to come for dinner. Jai’s night of romance starts well, but when Annie finds the magazine, there’s no chance of a reconciliation!

Irene’s surprised when Kirsty says she wants a baby with Miles, but is distracted, after discovering from Gibbsey that Lou was juggling the books and left her with a problem with the tax department. Miles is thrilled about Kirsty, but little does he know she’s still taking the Pill.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday July 27*

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