John lies in the road, collapsed from a heart attack. Penn happens to be passing by and spots him. He administers CPR and calls the ambulance. John is rushed to hospital. When Gina and Xavier find out John’s in hospital, they are devastated. Xavier blames himself for causing John so much stress.

Paulie is calling everyone he knows, asking for money to get himself out of debt. Charlie thinks the best thing Angelo can do is to call his parents and tell them everything. Angelo decides Charlie’s right and makes the call. Paulie is furious with Angelo for interfering.

Ruby is back from rehab and has to deal with people hassling her and asking lots of questions about it. She’s gutted to hear Liam’s left town. Fortunately she can rely on Xavier, who helps her through her first day back at school.

Penn continues blackmailing Alf. If Alf dobs Penn in for breaking and entering, he’ll tell the whole town about Alf’s affair with Penn’s mum.

Gina is distraught about John’s heart attack and tries to be with him as much as possible. At another hospital visit, she tells him that she wants to be there for him and that she loves him. John reciprocates.

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