Xavier reveals all about Roman’s accident

Gina is reeling after Xavier’s admission about Brendan. Hugo arrives and Xavier confesses to him. Hugo accuses Xavier of trying to save his own skin and not Brendan’s. Hugo decides they can’t go to the police until they know whether Brendan would be held accountable. He’ll return with Gina to her place while they decide what to do. Xavier learns that Roman has woken up and decides to ring the police.

As Belle is rushed to casualty after collapsing at Rachel and Tony’s wedding, she suffers a seizure but eventually is revived. Once conscious, Belle apologises to Rachel for ruining her wedding day. Rachel tells Belle that she will be admitting her to rehab as an involuntary patient. Belle is devastated. Geoff apologises to her but she only cares about what Aden thinks. Aden left the hospital once he knew Belle was OK.

Leah is talking about Tony and Rachel’s honeymoon to a lifeless Roman when suddenly he stirs. She rushes to get the doctor. Roman is examined but although he’s awake and has his eyes wide open, he can’t see anything. Dr Young informs a shocked Leah, Nicole and Aden that Roman is suffering from blindness. At this stage there is no way of knowing whether it will be permanent.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday May 6*

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