Xavier takes a shine to Kelly

Xavier asks Gina if Kelly can stay with them until she finds a job and somewhere to stay. Gina is wary. Xavier assures her Kelly and he are just friends and he wants to help her out. Gina agrees, on the proviso that the pair won’t get together. But their mutual attraction is obvious…

Xavier sets about getting Kelly some work and suggests she take his old job at Angelo’s. But Casey’s already suggested Dex for the job and, sore over the break up with April, Xavier confronts Dex about it. Dex is happy to step aside for Kelly to have the job and uses the moment to try and build bridges with Xavier. Xavier suggests they might be able to mend the friendship and Dex is optimistic.

Roo confides in Sid, revealing how sad she is that Alf disapproves of their relationship. She’s also furious about the drugs at the Ball and tells Laura to take her share of the profits and get out of town. Laura pleads to stay, but Roo won’t hear it. Sid commends Roo for cutting ties with Laura, but when Roo checks her bank account, she discovers Laura has taken all the money!