Xavier tries to prove he’s moving on

Geoff and Ruby are in bliss having admitted their feelings for one other. Charlie pops round to the house, and is worried about Ruby’s diabetes. Ruby is unsure whether to go public about her and Geoff’s relationship for fear of offending Xavier, but Geoff wants to come forward, he doesn’t want any more secrets. When Xavier sees Ruby and Geoff together he plants a big kiss on Ali’s lips.

Xavier and Romeo realise that the little boy is on his own in the house. He tries to run away but they catch him and bring him to Martha. Martha bonds with the boy and gives him something to eat before taking him to the police station. She asks to look after the boy for that night and Charlie agrees. Angelo recognises the boy as being Clint’s son and wants to use him to trap Clint and Hugo. The little boy tells Martha his name is Bambang.

Martha is allowed to look after Bambang for a couple of days. When Hugo gets home from being away on a night dive he is not happy to discover this. Angelo confiscates Bambang’s toy, and is vindicated when he discovers a coded message inside the toy.

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