Xavier tries to persuade Gina not to kick April and Bianca out, but she’s having none of it. Xavier blames John. He agrees to mend things with Xavier, but when Gina tells Xavier John is sorry, Xavier wants to know why John isn’t man enough to say it himself. He reckons Gina doesn’t care about anyone, but John. Irene says Bianca and April can stay at hers.

Ruby cracks and admits to Charlie she’s in love with Liam. Charlie confronts Liam, who assures her he didn’t do anything, and Charlie accepts that. But neither knows how to handle the situation. Ruby begs Liam to be friends as she can’t handle not having him in her life. He eventually agrees.

Charlie and Angelo are overworked. Angelo is so desperate to make the restaurant a success he never leaves. Alf is concerned about the hours he’s working and impresses upon him the need to delegate. But Angelo won’t listen to anyone and keeps working until he falls asleep in the storeroom. Alf gets Charlie to take him home, but she’s concerned – he’s doing too much and he won’t listen. She also needs help with Ruby, but Angelo is in no state to assist her.

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