Xavier is shocked to come home and find his mother and John quickly getting dressed. Xavier gives Gina the silent treatment. John feels bad, but Gina reassures him that she doesn’t regret anything. Rachel reasons with Xavier and he apologises to Gina, but his words are proved to be hollow when he later confronts John and venomously tells him to stay away from his mum.

Miles is trying desperately to make up with Leah. He begs her forgiveness but she’s cold. How can she ever go to JiuJitsu classes again? She tells him to stay away. Later she realises how harsh she was and relents. Just as the two are reunited, Miles lets slip that Elijah likes her too.

Nicole struggles to keep up with the coffee orders from her mentor Britt. She offers to help Britt with the designs she’s behind on, but Britt tells her she’s sweet and asks if she wants to grab some lunch. Nicole is delighted, but then realises Britt meant for Nicole to fetch her lunch. At the end of the day, Aden asks how it went when Nicole approached Britt about doing more design work. A humiliated Nicole lies and tells him everything went fine.

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