Xavier warns John to stay away

Xavier is angered by the prospect of having John Palmer as a housemate. He warns John off, saying his life will be a living hell if he moves in with him and Gina. April tries to make him feel better with a kiss.

Tony is disappointed when no girls show up to his boxing class, but then realises the date was wrong on the flyer. Sid agrees with Tony – boxing isn’t too dangerous with protective gear. He offers to help Tony win Rachel round. Later, Rachel realises their plot and is angry. Tony’s pleased when lots of girls turn up to the next boxing session.

Ruby and Liam keep searching for the perfect songs to record, and Ruby keeps her growing feelings for Liam in check.

Penn takes Nicole to his caravan and shows her a picture he’s been painting of her. Nicole kisses him and there’s no end in sight… Later, Nicole wakes up in Penn’s caravan. There’s been a thief in the caravan park. Penn has all the stolen items and puts them into Colleen’s caravan.

Alf is still terrified of the ventriloquist’s doll and throws it into the sea. But later he finds Mr Oddly in the dryer. He’s utterly baffled.

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