Xavier works on wooing April

Since his kiss with April, Dex has been trying to convince her to tell Xavier. Meanwhile, Xavier, assuming April’s avoidance of him is study-related, plans a trip for his girlfriend in an attempt to take her mind off the HSC. Gina is less excited than Xavier about the idea and tries to thwart it but Xavier is persistent and excitedly surprises April.

However, April responds by breaking up with him. When Xavier calls on Dex for some moral support, Dex wants to tell Xavier the truth but April stops him. But it’s clear Xavier won’t rest until he finds out why April dumped him.

Roo returns from Hawaii to the sad news of Sid’s break up with Marilyn. She wonders if it has anything to do with her. Marilyn, feeling guilty about leaving Sid’s place before explaining the situation to the kids, returns just in time to meet Indi and Romeo as they arrive home from their honeymoon.

Romeo and Indi reveal they want to move in with Roo to give everyone space – including Sid and Marilyn. When Indi discovers Sid and Marilyn have split she feels terrible for them, but Sid assures her it’s for the best.

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