Xavier stashes the box of money in the farmhouse roof. Liam is convinced the box contains drugs and he has a bad track record with that stuff. Martha is relieved when Liam says he’ll stay until they’ve sorted Xavier out. Xavier eventually tells her the box contains stuff from Hugo and that’s why he’s been weird about it.

Tony senses Xavier isn’t happy living at the farm and encourages him to reconcile with Gina. But she ignores him at school so he forgets that idea. When Liam tells Gina he thinks Xavier is hiding drugs, she’s worried. Tony thinks it’s a male role model that Xavier needs, and he’s available. Martha finds the box and can’t believe how much money is in there.

Nicole is quiet and won’t tell Aden what happened with Britt. Justin tries to convince Aden to join the army, but Aden isn’t interested. The pain of what his Grandfather did to him is still fresh in his mind. Nicole tells Ruby about Britt stealing her designs.

Ruby encourages her to confront Britt. Britt tells Nicole how excited she is to be working with her and Nicole loses her nerve. Ruby tells Aden he should talk to Nicole, but she assures him nothing is wrong.

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