Xavier is still searching for a good place to hide Hugo’s money, and decides on a locker at the gym, where he’s enjoying sparring with Tony. Still desperate to believe Hugo is alive, he goes back to the battery to wait for him. He’s disappointed when no one shows, and his problems are compounded when he returns home and is forced to have dinner with John and Gina. After making polite conversation during the meal, Xavier excuses himself and heads out. This disappoints Gina, but John is quick to reassure her – it’s a start.

Hugo has left Witness Protection and Angelo is trying to work out where he has gone. Alf thinks he may have come to the Bay to be with Martha, or see Xavier or Gina. Worried about Xavier’s constant search for Hugo, Angelo believes he may have returned. When Martha overhears them talking, they are quick to cover, but she’s left wondering if they’re not telling her something.

Miles is still seeing Rabbit, despite having convinced everyone she’s gone. Rachel checks on him, and is happy with his progress. But when Marilyn sees him having a conversation with himself, she questions him. Marilyn is sympathetic and tells Miles the real reason she returned to the Bay.

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