Xavier’s unconscious!

April woozily comes round and realises she and Xavier had passed out from inhaling the chemicals they tipped down the sink. Still under the effects of the chemicals, she manages to drag herself from the house and goes to get help. But she doesn’t get far. Colleen finds her on the beach and calls Charlie. April is taken to hospital. Sid informs Charlie that it is likely there were chemicals involved in April’s illness and Charlie sends the fire brigade to Irene’s house.

April is in good hands, safely in hospital, but Xavier is left alone and suffering under the influence of the chemical fumes. When he is finally discovered by Bianca, Xavier is rushed to hospital. But because he’d been lying there for so long, Xavier’s condition is much more serious than April’s. As the doctors work, nobody seems sure about his chances of recovery.

Alf has had an epiphany. He announces that as a result of his time being locked up, he is going to leave Summer Bay and go backpacking around the world. He might as well get out and see it all while he has the chance. Morag, however, is less than supportive of his ambitions.

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