Rana continues to lie to Yasmeen

Yasmeen is desperate for Rana to get pregnant, but will Rana reveal she's still taking the contraceptive pill?

Yasmeen gives Rana some ovulation kits so she can maximise her chances. Meanwhile, Billy tells Shona he’s found her a job at the cafe.

Having been told to move out, Jenny tries to apologise to Johnny, but he’s not interested. In a bid to make amends with Jenny, Gemma phones Johnny masquerading as a potential client and arranging to meet him in the bistro. Meanwhile Aidan confronts Johnny about his retirement u-turn and as a row escalates Aidan tells him he’s going to set up in competition.

Steph talks a reluctant Robert into meeting her friend Peggy for a date. As Robert and Michelle enjoy a cosy chat in the bistro, Steph reminds him of his date with Peggy.

When Eva overhears Toyah discussing the baby shower with Leanne, she quickly points out it was her idea. Having found out from Liz that she was supposed to do a trial shift, Toyah rows with Eva for failing to pass on the message and the pair lock horns in spectacular fashion…