All aboard for another run of The Yorkshire Steam Railway with its passionate crew, including chief engineer Piglet and ‘Fat Controller’ chief Chris

This charming documentary 
on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, and the colourful cast of characters who keep the heritage steam engines moving, returns for a second series.

For those who haven’t tuned in before, it’s like watching Thomas the Tank Engine, only for grown-ups, with Mark Addy narrating in place of Ringo Starr.

As the series opens, it’s the hottest Summer in 
40 years, good for attracting tourists, but for manager Chris, the risk of his locos spitting out embers and causing fires on the moorland is threatening the operation.

Yorkshire Steam Railway

General manager Chris Price (centre) with his staff at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway engine shed

Fortunately, engineer ‘Piglet’ comes up with a plan…

Elsewhere, newly remodelled steam engine Eric Treacy is about to be unveiled to the public, but will she prove track-worthy?

TV Times rating: ***