Jason has had plenty of food for thought since Eileen’s revelation that Holly isn’t his baby and he isn’t clear how he feels about the situation. Jason tells Sarah that he’s bonded with the tot after four months of caring for her, but on the other hand he was railroaded into taking her on in the first place. Jason tells a devastated Eileen that if she wants to fight for Holly, she’s on her own.

Liz is miffed when Vernon does another of his famous disappearing acts so when Derek pops into the pub, she agrees to another secret date. Vernon finally puts in an appearance but he tells her he’s got something important to say to her. Liz is stunned when Vernon asks her to marry him and she finds herself saying yes!

Carla clashes with Liam yet again when he comments that she’s pushing the girls too hard to complete her order. But Carla is confident that her approach will put her business in the black and Paul is proud of Carla’s determination.

Also, a hung-over Gail is embarrassed when Jerry reminds her of her antics at the party the previous night.