You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Bree is shocked when Orson says he doesn’t want baby Benjamin circumcised as he himself was left traumatised as a child. Although Orson has urged all the doctors in town not to perform the procedure, Bree asks a rabbi if he will do it, vowing to raise the baby as Jewish. Orson is furious when he learns that Bree went behind his back.

Lynette tells her mother, Stella, that it’s time for her to leave – but Stella says she has nowhere to go. Lynette tries to persuade her two sisters to take Stella in – but neither of them are interested saying that Stella was an awful mother. As Lynette argues with her sisters, Stella overhears the conversation and gets in a taxi…

As Gaby and Victor enjoy a romantic boat trip, Edie tells Carlos that Victor knows about him and Gaby. When Victor reaches into a bag for what Gaby thinks is a gun, she knocks him overboard with an oar. Victor reappears, but when he starts fighting with Carlos, Gaby sends him overboard again. Will Victor make it to shore a second time?

Also, Katherine manages to put Dylan off finding her father, and Susan discovers that Mike is taking drugs.