When Priya asks Kirin for some help with her computer, she accidentally unearths Rakesh’s dreadful secret. She can barely believe her eyes when she finds a document which reveals Kirin is the father of Vanessa’s baby. Knowing lawyer Rakesh doctored the results to make Adam Barton responsible instead, Priya is sickened to the core. Rakesh reels as his fiancee confronts him with the twisted truth…

Carly’s mind should be on the shop, but she’s worried she’s upsetting Debbie by spending time with Ross. When Carly disappears off to the garage to see Debbie, armed with a bottle of tequila, Bob’s spitting feathers when all and sundry arrive for the grand opening and Carly’s nowhere to be seen!

Meanwhile, Bob’s got a mission on his hands as he tries to keep Brenda and David from running into each other.

Joanie covers her shock when Belle opens up about what happened with Gemma, explaining how she’ll never be rid of the fact that she accidentally killed her best friend. Having been in a dark place for a long time, Joanie’s words of encouragement may just be the thing to lift Belle’s mood.