Susan’s surprised to be left something in Karl’s will. And she’s even more stunned when she finds out it’s a part share in a local strip club! Her anguish is complete when she then finds out from a stripper that her husband Mike visits the place frequently. When she confronts him, he says he does the plumbing jobs and won’t be told where he can and can’t go, so she comes up with plan to get back at him. She calls him to the club for a job then performs a lap-dancing routine herself, to see how he likes it with all those men leering at her. He eventually sees her point.

Julie, meanwhile, is left with her dad’s money. She goes to a comedy night with Danny and Ana, where she tries to play matchmaker for her neighbour. Unfortunately, Danny only has eyes for Julie.

Bree insists on taking paralysed Orson back home so she can nurse him, but he’d rather lodge with Mrs McCluskey. Eventually Bree wins the argument and takes him back, but he starts treating her like his personal slave.

Gaby and Carlos are surprised at how little their daughter Juanita knows about her Mexican heritage.

Tom offers to fill in for wife Lynette at work when she’s on maternity, but it seems to Lynette that he trying to oust her from the job altogether. Tom later he admits he’d rather Lynette stay home after the baby is born.

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