*First episode*

With Paddy continuing to lie to her about going to Tess’s funeral, not realising his wife knows he was there, Rhona is determined to find out why. When she finds him hiding out at Marlon’s, Rhona questions her husband’s movements again – and this time, Paddy admits he lied and that he went to Tess’s funeral. All of a sudden, Paddy’s grief and lies make sense as horrified Rhona realises Paddy was the married man that Tess was sleeping with. Her husband has cheated and lied to her. All the sorrys in the world aren’t going to cut it for the devastated vet who rushes off in tears.

Jacob and David are stunned when Nikhil proposes to Leyla! The one-off couple are delighted, but will they notice the tepid reception they’re getting from their loved ones? And what will Leyla’s ex Jai, who is Nikhil’s brother have to say about it?

While Lisa tells Belle she’s divorcing her dad, Zak is still reeling about her decision. Trying to lift the mood, Joanie suggests they go out for the night, but Zak isn’t up for it. Has the divorce had an effect on Zak’s feelings for Joanie?