‘You’re no longer a Barton’

After Emma learns what Pete has done to Ross, Pete soon finds he’s no longer welcome among his family. As Emma and Finn try to locate Ross’s body, Pete is desperate for Debbie to take him back. But she doesn’t want anything to do with him, pointing out that he’ll never be able to truly forgive her affair with Ross.

As Brenda heads to the prison to see Bob, she’s petrified. Will she manage to smuggle in the SIM card that dodgy inmate Ged has demanded she bring in for him? When the metal detector goes off as she’s taken through security, is the game up?

It’s goodbye Rachel as Ali takes her troubled sister with her to start a new life in Liverpool, where she’s moved so she can be with Sean. Despite all the hurt she’s put him through, Sam is devastated to see Rachel go, even though he knows it’s for the best. Jai is shocked as the news reaches him, and Megan too, but she’s got a bombshell for Rachel as well: she’s still pregnant!

Alicia is keen to get going, too. But David’s just not ready to go back to Portugal and leave his dad alone so soon after Val’s death.