You’ll be sorry!

Polly’s feeling very nervy since homeless Alistair broke into her flat last week and forced her to tell him she loved him. Since then she’s reported him to the police but he’s been released without charge and remains a shadowy figure in her life.

Her worries increase after Josh attends a hoax call out only to be attacked from behind by a mystery assailant. Jeff and Dixie are convinced that Polly’s stalker is behind the brutal attack but the young paramedic refuses to pursue the matter further with the police as there’s no evidence.

Jordan returns to work this week in an administrative capacity. He’s happy to help Adam, who’s struggling with the paperwork side of his new role, but he’s upset by his inability to practise medicine.

Elsewhere, Tess encourages Trevor to smarten up, as he may be the last person a patient sees. She even offers to mend his jacket in her lunch break

Deciding to take control of her life Polly visits Alistair’s squat to confront him about attacking Jeff but she gets a shock when she gets there – he’s taken dozens of photos of her and built a shrine!

Alistair admits attacking Jeff because he thought he’d reported him to the police. But when Polly reveals she was the one who reported him for harassment and that she doesn’t love him, he loses his temper and threatens that she’ll be sorry.