You’re a donor, NOT a father

Sean is upset when Violet tells him off for feeling her baby bump without asking. Sean offers to pay for some of Violet’s baby supplies and Violet turns him down, worried about how much involvement Sean wants with the baby. Violet is horrified when Jason accidentally tells the whole pub the sex of her baby and she accuses Sean of betraying her. Violet makes it clear that the baby is her’s, not his.

Sally bumps into John in the pub and gives him a CD as a peace offering after their misunderstanding. John feels awkward and when Fiz asks him why Sally is giving him gifts, he lies that it’s a thank you for the lessons.

Sarah is heartbroken about her destroyed wedding dress but she reaches the end of her tether when Audrey tells her that David is coming back to work at the salon. Sarah quits her job and Jason is annoyed that she’s letting David put them out of pocket. The newlyweds are miserable with their constant bickering.

Also, Jodie is still furious with Jerry for ruining her date and blaming her for Finlay’s accident. Jodie is gutted when Lloyd later makes it clear that he’s had enough of their ‘relationship’.