You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow

*New series*

The fifth season of the series that follows the lives of the housewives of Wisteria Lane jumps five years into the future and things have certainly changed.

After being shunned by her friends and virtually driven from the neighbourhood five years previously, Edie is back in town. She announces her return in typical Edie style, washing her car in her swimsuit, and the friends all turn out to meet her and Dave, her new husband. The women are amazed to see how civil Edie has become – so much so that Lynette proposes they throw a party to welcome her home.

Susan�s life has changed, too. She and Mike had been in a terrible car crash, something she simply can�t come to terms with. They�ve split up and she now lives alone with their son, MJ. There is another man in her life, however � she�s in a secret relationship with her house painter, Jackson.

Bree and Katherine�s catering business is very successful but the spotlight is on Bree, who�s written a new cookbook and is getting plenty of attention, much to Katherine�s annoyance – particularly when she finds that many of Bree�s recipes are actually her own.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle�s lifestyle has changed somewhat. The glamorous hair, make-up and clothes are all gone and her biggest worry is daughter Juanita�s weight problem.

And Lynette is having trouble controlling her two 16-year-old boys, who she discovers running an under-age casino at the restaurant.