You’re no best man, Max

Stacey tells Max that Bradley is going to ask him to be best man but he must ensure it doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, Bradley nervously makes a list of what he wants to say to Max. Max spends all day avoiding Bradley, but when Bradley finally manages to have a word, Stacey is looking on. Bradley is hurt when Max bluntly turns him down.

Roxy is furious after discovering that her engagement ring is missing and she accuses Ben and terrifies him, although she soon realises that Jay is the culprit. Roxy confronts Jase and demands that he get her ring back from the pawn shop. Roxy later gets an earful from Phil for frightening Ben.

Shirley talks Heather into attempting to bust down the door to the flat, but the door is too heavy. Heather reveals that she’s got some savings so they could rent the flat. She returns to Queenie’s to get her savings book and is shocked to discover that Queenie has got her hands on most of it. Heather returns with the last 400 quid and she calls Shirley’s landlord Norman.

Also, Max worries about the kinds of friends Lauren is making on her internet site.

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