You’ve got to help me, son!

Dingle law states that the Dingles take care of their own. Cain has been living outside that law, though, since Zak nearly killed him. It was only family pressure that persuaded Cain to look for Zak when he went missing, not a desire to help his father. Zak realises this when he asks Cain for help with the loan sharks. Cain is stunned. Why would he want to help the man who beat him and left him to die? So, that’s a ‘no’ then. Zak needs a Plan B – and he has one. When his family is asleep, he calls the loan sharks and tells them he has their money.

Paddy’s had a call, too, inviting him to apply for a new job – in New Zealand. He tells Rhona, which is only right and proper as they are about to get married. But he doesn’t tell Marlon, his best mate and the father of Leo, his stepson. Well, he’s only applying for the job; he probably won’t get it…

Ruby doesn’t get how angry Ali is with her for spending the night at Laurel’s house. Ali drowns her sorrows and, surprisingly, it’s Dan who tells her to kiss and make up with Ruby… And it’s Laurel who tells Ruby to do the same with Ali.