It’s the grand opening of Jordan’s new Clinical Decisions Unit and although Adam is put in charge, he’s too busy, so has to delegate the responsibility to Yuki and Mads. But Mads is still trying to get to grips with the NHS and working in England and then when Yuki spends too much time on one patient, Jordan is furious and orders Yuki to go home.

But while leaving, Yuki comes across a patient having a fit and rushes her back to the hospital where he diagnoses an extremely rare medical condition. Jordan’s impressed, and forced to admit he judged Yuki too harshly.

Elsewhere, Edward invites Ruth out for dinner to apologise for the previous night’s argument. She agrees and has her dress dry-cleaned for the occasion.

However, Edward remembers previous dinner arrangements and cancels. Ruth hides her disappointment and avoids admitting to the gang that he cancelled her by burying herself in Adam’s admin work…