Yusef comforts Zainab

Yusef seizes the chance to visit Zainab at her home after he learns from Afia that Zainab has thrown Masood out and he is staying at the B&B with Denise. Aware that Masood has clocked him going to see Zainab, Yusef heads to the upstairs bedroom window, removes his tie and undoes the top buttons of his shirt before drawing the curtains – a move designed to incense Masood who sees him across the street.

Things are tense between Christian and Syed following Christian’s marriage proposal. Christian voices his fears that Syed doesn’t want to rock the boat after re-establishing a relationship with his mother Zainab, but they’re stopped in their tracks by Tamwar, who tells them that Zainab has thrown out Masood. Later, Syed reveals to Christian that he’s changed his mind – Christian proposes again and Syed accepts, much to the couple’s delight.

Mercy is worried about marrying Fatboy, but when he confesses his love for her, and reveals that he would rather follow her to Nigeria than lose her, she agrees to go through with the wedding. At the registry office, Mercy momentarily falters, though the marriage goes ahead and Fatboy is over the moon when they’re pronounced husband and wife.

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