Yusef is frustrated when Zainab rebuffs his attempt to get her to move to Pakistan with him. Bushra learns from Yusef about Zainab’s recent troubles and offers her help. Zainab is offended when Bushra comments that her closeness to Yusef hasn’t gone unnoticed. Bushra sees Syed kiss Christian and calls him ‘sick’, earning her a slap from Zainab. Yusef comforts a furious Zainab and they kiss passionately! Meanwhile, Syed pushes ahead with his plans for divorce just as Amira arrives in the Square!

Heather and Fat Boy find out that Dot is celebrating her 50th anniversary at the laundrette! Heather and Fat Boy arrange a party to celebrate and Dot is touched that her big day has been acknowledged. They’ve also organised a plaque to commemorate her service plus a break in Ireland. An emotional Dot tells Rose to get packing, the trip is for two.

Whitney has her first day working at the nursery. Whitney bumps into Tyler on the way and ignores him when he tries to flirt. Anthony asks Whitney to cut Tyler a bit of slack. Whitney decides to make an effort, but Tyler shows his immaturity and they bicker. At Dot’s party, Fat Boy and Whitney discuss their love lives. Dot realises Fat Boy likes Whitney and wonders why he’s with Faith.