Yusef makes a shocking suggestion

Zainab and Yusef return from their holiday in Pakistan. Yusef spots Amira, who has been invited to lunch at the Masoods. Worried that Zainab will want to stay in Walford if she meets her granddaughter, he warns Amira to stay away. Amira ignores his advice and Zainab is elated to meet her granddaughter. Yusef is furious when Zainab says she won’t be moving to Pakistan. Yusef finds Christian and suggests that Syed is not Yasmin’s real father.

Norman has stayed the night at Pat’s after getting her the loan documents to sign so she can help out a struggling Simon. Norman mentions to Patrick he’s thinking of a holiday in the Caribbean and reveals he gets commission for selling personal loans guaranteed against property. Patrick tells Pat, who realises she’s been conned into taking out a dodgy loan and she sends Norman packing.

Janine’s launch party for Butcher’s Joints is a damp squid. Janine demands Billy bring in some people. Janine’s frustrated when Billy rounds up the locals rather than potential customers and she throws them out. Janine’s grateful when Michael hires some girls to hand out goody bags to publicise the business – until he hands her the bill!