Afia tells Yusef she hasn’t told Zainab about his part in the fire, but she tells her father he needs to leave London – alone. Yusef is trapped and tells a stunned Zainab that he was the one who tried to kill her. Yusef tries to blame his father’s influence and pleads that he’s always loved her. Zainab falls for Yusef’s lies and tells him they should get married tomorrow!

Phil is stunned when the police arrive with search warrants for his properties. Phil sees Jack, who insists Ben took the file on Phil as he found Ben’s fingerprints in his flat. Ben is forced to confess that he and Jay were in Jack’s flat when he was supposed to be looking after Amy and she nearly drowned. As they argue, Phil gets a text demanding two grand in cash…

Janine has found out from Jack that Michael is skint. In an attempt to draw out the truth, Janine tells Michael she’s putting money aside for their new business venture and is angry when Michael says he’ll match the amount. Janine reveals she knows Michael has no money. He insists he would have found a way to raise the cash. They argue, but their fury soon turns to passion.