Zainab is hurt when she sees Masood and Jane kissing. She tells Yusef she wants to move to Pakistan after all. Zainab is taken aback when Yusef blurts out that once the divorce is finalised they can get married. But when she sees Masood she tells him that Yusef has proposed. Zainab says ‘yes’ when Yusef makes a more romantic proposal. Later, Zainab tells Yusef she’s not sure about marrying and moving after all – and Yusef slaps her!

Phil gets another threatening letter. Phil thinks Jack is lying that the file on him is missing and ransacks Jack’s flat looking for it. Jack confronts Phil and tells him that his first priority is Amy and he points out Phil has lots of enemies. Phil becomes increasingly paranoid as he suspiciously eyes the locals in the Square.

Derek sees Alfie selling Christmas trees and offers him some fridge freezers at a rock bottom price to sell on. A thoughtful Alfie asks Phil if he’d ever sell the pub to him. Phil is preoccupied with his stalker and tells Alfie that if he and Kat raise a deposit he’ll consider it. A chipper Alfie takes up Derek on his deal.